Welcome to the Maxsi Project

NOTE: We are currently moving to a new website system, this site is currently lacking most content. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Maxsi Project is a small independent group dedicated to create high quality software solutions, while also researching and developing exciting experimental technologies. We have successfully developed several products ranging from entirely new operating systems to numerous solid website systems. We usually serve as third party consultants in connection with setting up IT systems, developing software tailored for specific needs (such as specialized web systems), and technical support. Profits from our existing or experimental systems go towards funding our existing projects.

Our existing products are freely available on our website. We'll gladly customize or add new features to our products if you decide buy them. We sell and distribute our products under free licenses. This means that you, if you become be dissatisfied with our services, you can modify our products yourself, or hire other developers to work on them.

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