"Congratulations, you have won an adventure in Buzzard! Visit a metropolis being rebuilt by the System Corporation, a world leader in the field of conglomerates that own everything."

The Islands mod for Fallout 4 has been developed by Jonas 'Sortie' Termansen since May 3, 2016. The latest alpha release from January 15, 2020 contains a new game world that's 11% larger than the Nuka World DLC with 20 quests with an estimated 16 hours of play time, or 5 hours if you rush it.

You can view the latest screenshots of the mod during the development process at my steam screenshots gallery.

The mod is unfinished. This is the very first release. There is a lot of polished content but you may come across rough or unbuilt areas. The mod is story based although it does not have voice acting yet, so be sure to enable subtitles.

You can play the mod however you like, whether with an existing character, or with a fresh character right out of the vault (this mod is a good opportunity such a playthrough). There are 16 main quests (4 of which are optional) and 4 side quests. You can explore as much as you'd like, or the story will take you to every area. You can bring a companion if you'd like.

This alpha build contains the first two acts of the full four act story, which makes sense on their own. Once you complete the main story, you will can create a game save where you can continue playing with a future release of the mod.

You can view the file SPOILERS-Islands.txt when you think you've finished the mod to find a list of side content you might have missed.

You can send me feedback! Check the README-Islands.txt for contact information. Please livestream or record playing the mod! It's incredibly valuable for me see you play it and it will help me a lot to improve the mod! The README has instructions on how to livestream.


Islands 1.0 - 2020-01-15

This is the original first alpha of the mod after 3 years and 8 months of development. I'm not publicizing the mod just yet, so this is just for you dear tester.

Download (50MB) (SHA256: 8b62f56e5f2cf2962b2fbc092f3a215503c3a14b4789c3ae2b5e213cc9097316).